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I think I am getting to the point now where I feel really mentally exhausted from demanding clients, too much work anod my targets.

I think this is because today was a bad day in general but I am upset as I can’t seem to execute anything at the moment.

Feel so alone and distressed about ever reaching my goal and I seriously feel like I could explode in any second.


Cold emails/cold calling is probably the most brutal part of trying to start a business.

It is one of the most emotionally taxing things I have ever had to do. I am going to be using this blog to discuss my efforts to try and hit £1m in turnover from doing copywriting and online marketing for clients.

I am very worried I will never get there but I am going to give myself 1 year from today, so basically by 1 October 2011, I want to have hit £1m in consulting turnover.

I will be detailing my efforts on this blog to keep up to date with my efforts!

So far this week, I have sent about 528 cold emails to clients. From this I got:

*Dozens of rejections

*5 replies back from companies who may be interested in employing me.

I am charging a flat fee of £100 per client, so in that sense, I need to get 10,000 clients. Can it be done? I think so, but it will be brutal.

My ratio so far is around 1/100 cold emails generates an interested response, so I have to send 1 million cold replies to hit 10,000 clients.

Other good entrepreneur blogs to read include this one, which is doing a similar challenge.

E-commerce is one way to do the entrepreneurial journey online.

I just caught this link about how to succeed in this field. E-commerce is definitely something that is attractive to me, and the cool thing is you could do it on eBay — there are many channels in which to do it.

I suppose it is again related to your target market.

If you were to do it, which fields would you want to enter?

I have wanted to be an entrepreneur for a while now and just decided to document my journey, because I feel so alone in how I feel sometimes!

My journey so far in an entrepreneurial sense started in 2008, while I was doing my undergraduate degree, I decided to create a one-off experimental print magazine called Kerosene. I paid 75quid to print 75 issues. It made no money, but I did promote it on my personal blog and I sent to countries such as Denmark and the US.

While I made no money from Kerosene, I did learn that I love doing my own thing.

I know that entrepreneurial ventures are only successful if they make money. So while Kerosene was a one-off and not financially viable, it sowed the seed for me wanting to be an entrepreneur.

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