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I think I am getting to the point now where I feel really mentally exhausted from demanding clients, too much work anod my targets.

I think this is because today was a bad day in general but I am upset as I can’t seem to execute anything at the moment.

Feel so alone and distressed about ever reaching my goal and I seriously feel like I could explode in any second.

I was looking in my Gmail inbox archives to gauge how many cold emails I have been sending to clients, as I have been terrible with keeping up with my baby Excel spreadsheet.

The Numbers:

Circa 877 cold emails sent between 6 August and 10 October 2010.

This averages to 438.5 cold emails per month between this given period, give or take.

No. of commissions: 3

This means I currently have a 0.003% hit rate. This is very very low and now that I have added the figures up, I know I must be vigilant to record the cold emails I am sending.

Somewhere out there, there is someone else working very hard sending thousands of cold emails a week. I need to be better than that person.



Dividing time between looking for clients and doing jobs for my clients is a balance I am very keen to execute correctly.

I don’t want to do a crap job; I want to execute to the highest standard possible but I am starting to struggle between looking for clients and doing the jobs.

To sort myself out, I think I am going to have to only have two days a week or maybe even one day where I just send cold emails and do cold campaigns because I have realised hat I actually sit and just obsess about cold emails and cold calling which is NOT healthy.

How do you separate searching for clients and executing the jobs?

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