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No one said prospecting for business was easy. It is absolutely brutal, and anyone who thinks otherwise  is clearly a winner when it comes to cold campaigns!

Case in point: I sent 10 individually crafted emails to 10 separate business the other day. Note, and I must repeat, all the emails were individually crafted emails, so therefore they were not spam. Legally defined, spam is bulk, mass unsolicited email sent to people who have not opted in.

You can send cold emails to prospects as look as each are sent individually. I did this, highlighting an issue I found on their website.

Boy, did I get a cold response to my cold email!

It went something along the lines of: well I am a marketing professional etc and we don’t need your services and remove me off your mailing list.

That was the rudest email back I had got from someone who did not want a service. Not wanting something is totally fine, but there are ways of putting it across. I made a mistake by replying, not because I was upset that the business did not want me (I have been rejected before), but because they implied it was a spam campaign which was NOT the case at all. So I just clarified that.


I really do want to hit my goal, but it is becoming soul-crushing in its journey because building a business from a cold campaign surface is very painful.


Cold emails/cold calling is probably the most brutal part of trying to start a business.

It is one of the most emotionally taxing things I have ever had to do. I am going to be using this blog to discuss my efforts to try and hit £1m in turnover from doing copywriting and online marketing for clients.

I am very worried I will never get there but I am going to give myself 1 year from today, so basically by 1 October 2011, I want to have hit £1m in consulting turnover.

I will be detailing my efforts on this blog to keep up to date with my efforts!

So far this week, I have sent about 528 cold emails to clients. From this I got:

*Dozens of rejections

*5 replies back from companies who may be interested in employing me.

I am charging a flat fee of £100 per client, so in that sense, I need to get 10,000 clients. Can it be done? I think so, but it will be brutal.

My ratio so far is around 1/100 cold emails generates an interested response, so I have to send 1 million cold replies to hit 10,000 clients.

Other good entrepreneur blogs to read include this one, which is doing a similar challenge.

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