I have been watching multiple episode of Dragon’s Den for the past few days online. I absolutely love the series, and if I have learned anything, it is that business is about selling, sales and more sales (or so it seems).

I am studying a journalism degree and the saying goes that creatives are not good at business. On the whole, this could be true, but in my case, in my early days it has been true.

But, when I think about some of my past experiences, there has been some selling in my past. For example:

  • I sold one small chunk of advertising space in a part-time job in my final year at uni. This was a coup for me because it was only an admin assistant job with no selling but the chance to sell an ad came up and I did
  • Last year as part of a magazine we had to do for our course, I sold some advertising space of a big company for one of the student-created mags.

I think my interest in business has been incremental. I love business and the stories behind it, but for some reason, I always thought I could never do sales. Whilst the two examples above are modest and by no means amazing, they mean a lot to me because they do show, to a small extent, that I can do sales if I put my mind to it.

I know if I want to get my business dreams sealed, I will need to be more of a ‘creative seller’, that is a creative person who can sell my creativity.